Electrified Hobbies Spartan 2306/2700kv Blue motors

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The newest addition to the Electrified Hobbies Spartan motor lineup, the all new 2306/2700kv motor. 

Stator Diameter: 23mm

Stator Thickness: 6mm

Number of Stator Arms: 12

Number of Stator Poles: 14

Motor KV: 2700

No-Load Current (A/10V): 2.0A

Motor Resistance: 24m

Max Continuous Current: 57A/10s

Max Continuous Power: 950W

Weight: 32g

Outside Diameter: 29.2mm

Body Length: 30.7mm

Max Lipo Cell: 3-4s

ESC: 30-50a

Recommended Prop (Inch): 5x4x2, 5x4x3, 5x4.5x2, 5x4.5x3


**This motor is only available in Clockwise configuration