M3 Nylon Spacer Screw Nut Assorted Kit w/Box (Black) (180pcs)

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M3 Nylon Spacer Screw Nut Assorted Kit w/Box (Black) (180pcs)

This standoff kit comes with sizes from 6~20mm (plus 6mm thread) as well as screws and nuts and comes in a plastic container to keep all the components together.

These are great to use with electronic devices as they are non-conductive. They can be used for all sorts of applications from spacers on your multi-rotors to DIY electronic kits.

• 6~20mm standoffs (with 6mm male thread)
• Nylon Material
• M3 Threads
• Screws are “phillips head” or “+”
• Plastic container

10 x M3x20mm Spacers, Length: 20mm+6mm
10 x M3x15mm Spacers, Length: 15mm+6mm
10 x M3x12mm Spacers, Length: 12mm+6mm
10 x M3x10mm Spacers, Length: 10mm+6mm
10 x M3x8mm Spacers, Length: 8mm+6mm
10 x M3x6mm Spacers, Length: 6mm+6mm
60 x M3x6mm Screws
60 x M3 Nuts